Our Facilities

Our Facilities

Most advanced diagnostic device called Vista Scan (Digital X-ray) is used to provide standard diagnosis and treatment. Intra oral camera is used to examine remote corners and to assess the treatment results immediately. If the patient so desires, the diagnosis will be explained through multimedia presentation. Special attention is given for Root canal treatment. We have imported state of art tools from USA, so that most Root canal cases can be successfully completed in one visit. The Equipment technology and materials for Implants are imported from Germany and most of the cases can be successfully completed in one day. The Smile designing is computer assisted which is patient friendly and interactive. Kerala as a destination is well –known, and Dental Care Centre in Kochi has equipments and expertise to match the best Dental Clinics in the world.


1. Cosmetic Dental Treatment
2. Root Canal Treatment
3. Ceramic Crowns and Bridges
4. Implants to Replace missing teeth
5. Gum treatment & Periodontal Surgeries
6. Pediatric Dentistry
7. Dentures
8. Teeth Whitening
9. Metal free Restorations
10. Oral Surgery
11. Orthodontics
12. Smile Designing

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